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Hey everybody!

Just thought I'd throw a few links your way incase you wanted some others ways to keep track of my various art uploads, and you weren't following these already:





stay tuned for more art and updates! :) 
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cov CoSWiN2 by Fuelreaver
Hi guys! Just thought id give you the heads up that UK based publisher "Influx Press" has put together a book of 
lots of cool stories/poetry/Illustrations revolving around the south english coast. I was lucky enough to be able to contribute in the form of an illustration. 

You can find out more about this book and Pre-order here before its widely available at a discount price! 

More uploads coming soon guys! :)

Ciao for now!
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So hope you guys have been liking the updates! I plan to keep churning them out on a semi-regular bases (As not everything i work on can be uploaded)

So as June comes to a close, on to a new month of drawing! :D 

take care everybody. 

P.S. Im now on Vine btw, uploading under "Joe Becci" when i get the chance, mostly drawing loops and maybe the odd animation! :)
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Just uploaded a bunch of new stuff that was previously only on my blog for those of you that only follow me here. :) hope you like!

Im itching to become more active again in terms of my artwork posting. ( I know ive said this before but really mean it this time... honest!! :P )

Hope those interested enjoy, and expect more soon.

Thanks for watching guys. :)
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Hey guys, ok so finally got my arse in gear, and decided to start doing daily drawings again! Every day for at least a while. i plan to try to upload at least one drawing a day, possibly more sometimes. All these drawings can be found on my blog , ill put some up here too, but not all of them.

Most of these drawings are going to be me trying to work through some ideas, concepts and stories all based around a Sci fi fantasy world i have been developing in my work a while now. Even a few recurring characters in my DA gallery dwell within it! Although i will occasionally take a break and do some fan art or something else.

The images I upload will very from quick sketches to full finished pieces, sometimes with lots of text/story sometimes without.

Ok so that is all, hope you enjoy the work! :)
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hey guys

Just stopping in to spread the word about this really cool kickstarter project by the Concept artist Sean Murray, he is creating a book based on his fictional  fantasy world "Gateway". Check out the amazing artwork it will be filled with and get more info by hitting the link below and watching the video!…

help us get to 20k funded by may 30th and everyone who pledged 10 dollars or more will get an additional Poster Map of the fictional world of "Gateway" along with all the other pledge rewards!


In other news, more work will be on the way soon. :) but you can check out more work more regularly on my blog:
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sorry guys been busy so far over th esummer, i have alot of comments to reply to, and a fair bit of work to start uploading soon.

But im still around. :P
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Hey guys so the first wide spread demo of out Mass Effect fan game is out noiw for you all to try out! head here for more info!…
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Today I have been inspired to take on a personal challenge, Artist Ashley Wood, and a few of my fellow legionnaires over at the 3A toys forum, are setting themselves a personal challenge to draw a sketch a day for 60 days.

It may sometimes have a theme, or just be any random stuff I feel like drawing at the time.

I think this will be a great excercise, and really help me improve and develop. It will also be nice fresh change f pace for me, along side all the usual ongoing applied work im doing for uni and other projects. Just something off my own back, with no restrictions or worries.

Ok so time to get started!


Also Check out Ash Woods' Daily drawings here:
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Ok guys been a while, we have made lots of progress on our fan game since i last posted up here. Alot is still behind closed doors though. But here is some linkage, to the best plays to be looking at to get updates!



BLOG: masseffectchronicles.blogspot.… (Here you can find all the devblogs aswell as other extras in the future, stay tuned.)
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man been real quiet here for a while.... been really busy with all sorts of stuff.

But ill try and start updating stuff soon.

Alot of my work is for projects that cannot be seen at the mo *Top secret* :o

But ill get soem stuff up in due time. :)
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Been a while since we shared any news to the public abou tthis project, but here is a nice meaty update for ya! :)…

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Hi guys, as soem of you know, i am currently working on a Mass Effect fan game A.K.A Turian Project, A.K.A Mass Effect chronicles.

We have just posted up issue 1 of our new on going developers blog newletter thingy. We hope to release on at regular intervals maybe monthly, to give you a little taste and some info on what we are working on.

In this issue we have a forward by our lead writer The Jhereg, a section covering the music/sound team, and a profile for one of the games character Morwin a well respected Turian military sentinel.

Hope you enjoy!

Here is a link to the first issue.…
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Hiya people, been pretty quite hear recently, due to the fact ive been pretty busy partly with University work.... (and partly due to the AMAZING Mass Effect 2 being released.... ;) )

I have been doing work, that i will upload here soon, but im still pretty busy, working on a short animation at uni.

But i promise you will start to see some stuff popping up soon. Ill do my best. Promise. :}

on and P.S did i mention ME2 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ok lol this started out as my description for my lil piece of AVATAR fan art. But it got way to long and out of hand so i bought it here :D ... just afew thoughts on James Camerons AVATAR:


Saw Avatar afew weeks ago, well actually been 4 times now :P with various family and friends, and im sure ill go afew more times to! Now i went in with pretty low expectations, i had heard of teh film and seen the first teasers but then i kind of forgot about it, wasnt THAT interested. But boy was i in for a ride!

An absolutely amazing cinematic experience, i was in visual and audio bliss! full of colour and magic i rarely find in films these days. With ofcoure the amazing Mo cap CGI tech, that everyone is taling about. Absolutely breathtaking.
The soundtrack was gorgeous too, nice mix of a variety of insturmenst and types of music from orchestra and synth to tribal drumming and singing. Just seemed to FIT the movie perfectly.

I was totally immersed in the world Cameron created, from beginning to end, and in awe at every plant and creature and the overall believeabilty of it all!
Saw it in 3D too which just amplified this feeling ridiculously!!

And despite what anyone says about the story and characters being simple/traditional/predictable... whatever, i think Cameron told it in such a fantastic way that it totally worked, gave us something familiar to latch onto, to guide us through this amazing overwhelming alien world. A vessel for the journey. I found the films character driven plot overall extremely emotionally engaging.

I have quite simply never experienced anything like this film !

well i could talk about this film for hours, but i have other things to do... :DBUT If you havent seen this movie yet... PLEASE DO now! Everyone needs to experience it! preferably in 3D.


So there is my little rammble.

caio for now! :)
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hi everybody, hopeyou all had agreat christmas and a happy new year to you all!!!

its been a while, been really busy with work and then with the whole christmas thing...

but just getting some stuff up now, ill stick up afew bits everynow and then.

hope you enjoy them. :)
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Very busy with Uni at the mo, but i will try and put up somemore new stuff over the next few weeks.... stay tuned i promise this page will liven up abit soon. :P
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Been in Brighton all week, with a friend.

Man is that place full of interesting textures and

Back now and very inspired, im working on a small project for my college start next week so abit busy at the mo. I will have some more stuff up soon though.
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For those interested =}

Having a blast with this!
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He guys, been trying to pick up the pace when it comes to posting stuff, i will try and keep it as consistant as i can.

As i said last posted working on a few things at the mo, Project for college... some personal drawings/comics.... and ofcourse getting ready to paint this guy:

(Sorry cant seem to get the Image to show up on here, so you will have to follow the link, or check out my Blog for this image plus more pics. Link at the bottom of journal!)


He is a DIY Bambaboss Vinyl figure from 3A toys company co-owned by one of my favorite artists Ashley Wood!!

He is an awesome little guy and looking forward to painting him up!

Had him for a few weeks, but thing keep getting in the way of me doing him up but this week it will happen... i hope =P

More pics and 3A site links on the Blog! for those interested!

ok thats all for now guys see ya round!!
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